We offer an assessment on your dairy shed, to find out the mechanical issue that your rotary shed is having.
Once the assessment is completed, together we organise a plan of attack.

We level every roller and adjust the tracks using the correct measured shim.

Key point to check to ensure a long life for your platform rollers.

– Make sure all the rollers are running at the same angle vertically. This will ensure the same contact on each roller and give you an even flat wearing surface on your wear strip. If the wear strip has a radius it generally means the rollers are a different angles and contacting the wear strip in a different place.
– The roller has to be exactly square to the centre of the platform. We all know how your car goes if the wheels are not pointing in the right direction. Scuffing and excessive wear. This often seen as flaking in the rollers or wear strip.
– Check the heights of the rollers. If you continually replace bearings in the same rollers, it could mean that the roller is too high and taking more than its share of load.


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