Wash Glands

Merv’s Mechanical has developed a high quality wash gland for Rotary Dairy sheds that provides for 3 or 4 services:

  • Vacuum
  • Air
  • Water
  • Electrical


A significant innovation is that we have developed a way to provide an electrical feed and keep all the other services, so there is no need to plug in any hoses. We are also able to provide for additional services such as iodine spray if required. Extensive testing has been conducted and results are have proven that the wash gland is extremely reliable and leak free.

Wash Gland Features:
All wash glands have roller bearings top and bottom to ensure 100% concentric motion under all loading conditions.  This ensures a maximum life span as there is no wearing bushes creating uneven loading to seals causing damage and premature leakage.

  • A stainless steel roller bearing can be fitted in the bottom to eliminate any chance of pitting or corrosion from condensation.
  • Each port is double sealed, increasing seal life and ensuring lubrication goes into the bearings and around the seals where it is needed.
  • Extremely resistant to over greasing
  • Can be retro-fitted on site.
  • Fully Encased.
  • A warranty is available provided it is fitted by an approved agent.
  • Should you require a customised union these can be designed and built on enquiry.





Air           Electrical    Water
16mm      10mm          25mm 


Air                  Electrical      Water          Vacuum
16mm      10mm         16mm      63mm


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